12 Nov 2013

Green Humphead Parrotfish, aka Bolbometopon muricatum

This toothy (and foreheady!) beauty is an Indo-Pacific reef fish which travels, rests, and eats in shoals of up to 75 individuals. The humphead parrotfish is the largest member of the parrotfish family, and due to its
23 Oct 2013

Uglifish @ FWC Lionfish Summit in Cocoa Beach

Uglifish.net is currently reporting from the FWC Lionfish Summit in Cocoa Beach, joined by scientists, divers, policy makers, educators, and the public! Follow updates on twitter at #FWCLionfish, and follow me at @uglifishnet You can watch the
16 Oct 2013

Regalecus glesne, aka Giant Oarfish

Today, in exciting ocean news, an 18-foot giant oarfish was discovered on a snorkeling trip off of Catalina Island. Read more here. The fish was found dead at the scene, and was pulled up to the surface
13 Oct 2013

The Coolest 5 Things I Learned @ ScienceOnline Oceans Conference

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I just returned home from the first ever ScienceOnline Oceans conference. It also happened to be my first ever marine biology conference, having entered graduate school two months ago. The conference, organized by
6 Oct 2013

Mitsukurina owstoni, aka Goblin Shark

In 2007, this toothy beauty was caught in Toyko Bay, having been tangled in deep-water fishing nets (5oo-650 feet deep) and brought up to the surface alive. The poor guy was put on display  at Toyko Sea
1 Oct 2013

Psychrolutes marcidus, aka Blobfish

Here’s a face only a mother could love… Yes, they look a lot like Ziggy, and yes, they were once voted the world’s ugliest animals, and yes, the common name has the word “blob” in it… but,